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Douglas Hellinger
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Apr 30, 2023 1 min read

Publishing Docs as Code

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Concluding a delve into docs as code…

If you wanna publish chosen articles to Medium without the tedium, Part 3, this how-to guide can help you.

Less time checking off the pre-publish checklist, more time for the fun parts… like generating AI art!

The guide walks you through the steps to create a Github Deploy Workflow to publish your markdown content to Medium as a new draft story.

All you need is a free Github account, a free Medium account, and your markdown content stored in a git repository.

Wanna evolve your own personalised Grammarly? Part 1 shows you how to check your markdown for spelling, style, and broken links using a docs as code build pipeline.

Part 2 explains the tools, techniques and trade offs of a docs as code build/CI pipeline.